Scheduled Maintenance Report for Intapp, Inc.
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Posted Nov 06, 2020 - 07:02 PST
In progress
Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Posted Nov 06, 2020 - 05:00 PST
The release may incur downtime. Some users may be logged out, but those users will be able to log back in immediately.
Do not execute bulk data upload during the maintenance. The service disconnection can occur any time after the maintenance start is announced via the status site.


- The Assisted Conflicts search model and training performance have been improved.
- Assisted Conflicts page displays the lock icon for redacted hits in the same manner redacted hits are displayed on the conflicts results grid and interactive reports.
- Additional information icons, such as the corporate tree icon, note icon, lock icon, etc., have been added to the Assisted Conflicts page to indicate that more information regarding the hit is available for analysts review.
- To more efficiently review search result data or corporate trees on the Assisted Conflicts page, users can resize the side panel to their preference.
- Conflicts Analysts are able to view the matters for clients that appear in a corporate tree on the Assisted Conflicts page. All matters can be displayed, and both active and inactive matters are listed.
- A new configuration setting called 'Automatically run search suggestion option' with options 'Run for all conflict searches' and 'Run only for users with capability' has been added to Admin > System > Conflicts that allows customers to turn off/on the Assisted Conflicts prediction on search run for users without Assisted Conflicts capability.
- As with other redacted hits, Confidential Past Searches are now displayed with a lock icon. Only users assigned the View Confidential Conflicts Search capability and those with direct access to the Past Search will be able to view details of the confidential past search hit.
- Users have increased visibility to which searches are confidential when working through assigned searches and analyzing past search results. In additional to displaying the lock icon in the search results grid for confidential past searches, users can add a new Past Search: Confidential column to the grid. Additionally, a new filter for confidential past searches has been add to the 'More' filters option in the search list.
- To reduce the number of spurious synonym matches the search query has been improved to better handle multi-word synonyms so that synonym hits are not returned if the whole synonym is not searched. For example; if synonyms 'boa' or 'BofA' are in the system for Bank of America, the synonyms will only be returned if the entire term Bank of America is searched. In the past when searching the term Bank only, the synonyms would be returned.
- A configuration has been added to Administration > System > Conflicts which when enabled permits external emails to be sent when a request is associated with a client.
- A new endpoint for the retrieval of all reports within a search has been added. Reports can be retrieved using a GET operation against /api/conflicts/v1/searches/{searchId}/reports. This only includes interactive conflict reports.

- Custom grids now support file upload. End users can download a template in xls format and then upload the completed spreadsheet to populate the grid type question. Validation of required fields has been included as part of the file upload to ensure required fields do not contain empty values. After a file upload is complete users can edit custom grid rows and attach the uploaded file to the request. This feature can be opted into by enabling file upload setting to the form designer for custom grids.
- Firmographic data is pulled and presented on the form when an existing party with a linked DUNS# is added to the party lookup question on the request form. Once the request is complete, the Party ID is updated in Data Management with the firmographic data. Additionally, when opening the Party profile in Data Management, the firmographic detail is updated asynchronously.
- Administrators/Implementers have the ability customize the Attach File lightbox to the customer's preference in Administration > System > User Interface. Users can also edit the file name (if configured for editing) in the 'Attach a file to this Request' lightbox at any point in the workflow process. The file will exist in the system with the new file name.
- Administrators/Implementers can set Share my permissions as the default value for the Share this Request lightbox drop-down menu in Administration > System > Requests. Users can change the selection in the lightbox according to request requirements when sharing the request with another user.
- Administrators/Implementers can add a 'convert' action in the workflow designer which will be displayed as an additional action the UI near the approve/decline buttons. When selected users can determine the form to which the request will convert.

- Users can set criteria based inheritance conditions for Term Documents using standard and custom client, matter, and group fields. The inheritance criteria can be configured on the document upload page or the document profile page.
- A term template configuration called Default Approval Group has been added to allow users to set default approvers for all document terms associated with the template.
- Approval Groups are visible in the Terms categorization lightbox. While a default approval group will be populated, analysts with edit capabilities can modify the field to send ad hoc approvals as needed.
- Users with View Terms capabilities and no other assigned Terms capabilities will, by default, only be able to view In Effect documents. They can modify filters to view documents in Pending/Expired status.
- Users can determine if a client belongs to a Group when reviewing document/terms inheritance on the entity profile page. A link indicating the group count association is visible at the top of the Terms profile page.
- Performance improvements have been made to the Terms AI.

- Selected Text, Document Name, and Approval Status have been added as a retrievable fields for the Get Terms dataset operation. This allows terms related information to be presented in one place on requests for approvers.
- Users can filter Terms by Request ID in order to view terms associated with a client or matter uploaded with the current Intake Request via data sets.
- Terms Category has been added as filter to the Terms dataset which allows users to retrieve terms based on category.
- Approval Group is a retrievable field in data sets which allows implementers to show a default approval group for a term requiring approval.
- The GET Terms API has been improved to return all terms associated with a matter including inherited terms.
- To avoid duplication of templates the import/export logic for Terms defaults to Term KEY.

- Custom Field definitions can be exported from one system and imported to another as part of the overall exporting dependencies.
- Improvements have been made to the User Interface, specifically the icons for the files tab, request page, and approval rules list, when using the Chrome browser.

- Data Set Operation filters have been enhanced to allow virtual table and other data sources to be selected as often as needed in the operational filters even if they are currently in use in the filter. This allows users greater flexibility in configuring advanced conditions for presenting data on the form.
- An additional control called Add an extra value for the values list on the form designer for multiple answer types which allows Administrators/Implementers to set extra values such as 'None of these' to the list of values that return data sets without adding it to the database.
- Data Set sorting functionality has been expanded to allow users to sort data by more than one parameter.
- A 'Sort Order' field has been added to lookup tables in Data Sets allowing greater control over the display and sorting of lookup values on request forms.
- Users can exclude empty rows when defaulting data into a table via datasets.
- 'User' has been added to the multiple data source in datasets.
- When creating a data set that leverages virtual tables, the string filter 'contains' is now case insensitive.

- External data can be retrieved via the POST/PATCH API service calls.
- POST api/terms/v1/bootstrap has been added to improve the initial data load for the Terms Time integration.
- Component Groups - which include the parent group and all members - can be retrieved via the GET API method.
- The GET Request API returns the Value object in addition to Key.
- External data and watchlists can be filtered via the API using modified ranges.
- The character limit has been increased in the API for Sisense reporting configuration.

- Corrected the Assisted Conflicts search result details not being completely visible in the Edge browser.
- Fixed incorrect timezones being displayed in the Assisted Conflicts result list.
- Files uploaded with parties that contained special characters resulted in a log error. The log error has been resolved and parties are upload to the search terms without special characters.
- Corrected the issue of shareholders without a numeric value for shareholding not being returned when using the BvD provider.
- Corrected the occurrence of the Tree tab being displayed and available for search terms generated by an Intake question with a default party type other than company.
- Fixed the occurrence of incorrect synonyms/search terms being returned to due to comma delimiters and catenators which were not ignored.
- Corrected the inability to remove or edit Shareholder records in the corporate tree.
- Fixed corporate tree synchronization issue for parties that did not have an associated external provider.
- Fixed the exception error that resulted when a search term included a leading special character.
- Resolved the issue of a corporate tree entity not displaying in the Party Search Profile due to the system removing perceived duplicates. For example; AMP Life (NZ) Investments Holding Limited was searched but its subsidiary AMP Life (NZ) Investments Limited was removed from the corporate tree listing in the Party Search Profile.
- Corrected the issue of users without the assigned Edit capability being able to edit the component group members via the component group hit lightbox from the search results.
- Users without permissions to delete a request/remove a linked search were able to take those actions and view the lightbox confirming the action. This error has been corrected and permissions are respected.
- Users who added notes to an attached file as part of search or request to which they were assigned, did not show the user's name on the File tab. This issue has been fixed.
- Resolved the error that occurred when using a large number of conditions in advanced filters for searches and conflict rules.

- Customers encountered system upgrade failure if there were workflows that included approval rules of type 'notification'. This issue has been corrected.
- The occurrence of the Approvals tab displaying for existing requests for customers that upgraded to the latest version of OnePlace for Risk has been fixed.
- Corrected the issue of an error occurring when users initiated a new request, which was caused by the most recent Windows update.
- Intake: Fixed the inability of users to add values for fields such as Type, Affiliation, Relationship, and Note when passing parties to a search from a lookup type question at the create conflicts search state.
- Corrected the issue of grid rows not being added when scoring was used as a default value for a grid question answer.
- Grid sub-questions with saved answers displayed an incorrect warning message that the fields did not have saved values; this issue has been resolved.
- An incorrect error message displayed when users attempted to add a financial rating for a non-existent company. The issue has been resolved and the correct message detail displays.
- Fixed the invalid integration error that displayed when a request with an empty date field in a grid was generated.
- An invalid integration error did not display and empty rows could be added to a grid if an empty value was added to grid sub-question.
- Fixed the inability of users to create a request that included a grid type question with a query integration using a parameter containing system field as the source and which resulted in an error message.
- Request form questions that included a default value for a checkbox did not update on the form when the datasource was updated in the data set.
- Removed the redirect to the login page if a user attempted to generate a document with an incorrect template name. If a user types an incorrect template name a waring message now appears.
- Resolved the drag stop error that occurred when users created a workflow, added a state, then dragged the state to a different location in the diagram and the position would not save.
- Notifications that included a request action placeholder were not sent and resulted in an error message.
- Corrected a display issue for the Approval Rules page export dialog.

- Fixed the issue of incorrect sorting that resulted when Term Name was selected as the filter.
- Corrected the behavior of the Text filter on the document search page. When the text filter was selected the number of results did not match the returned text, and if the text filter was deselected text results would be returned.
- Corrected the issue of the first paragraph being mistaken for the header and users being unable to select text when OCR was enabled for uploaded documents.
- Fixed the occurrence of duplicate text selection for documents that had OCR enabled when uploaded to Terms.
- Fixed the broken party link to the Data Management profile page in the 'Issued by' field on the Document Upload page.

- The CDS key on the Custom Field page did not show for entities that are synchronized between CDS and Intapp OnePlace for Risk. This issue has been corrected.
- Fixed an issue where the incorrect timezone displayed in the Activities tab and notifications when daylight savings time was enabled on the server.
- Users who added notes to an attached file as part of search or request to which they were assigned, did not show the user's name and only listed the user who uploaded the file. This issue has been fixed.
- Exported datasets could not be imported if the dataset with the same name did not exist in the system. This was caused by selecting an invalid target object which has since been corrected by adding control over the selection of target data source.
- Corrected a dataset error which resulted when using an external parameter of Number type field and setting the value to 0 within an expression. The expression did not compile and the dataset was unusable.
- Corrected the occurrence of Value rather than Key being returned when Party was selected in the multiple data sources for the data sets the retrieve party custom fields.
- The PUT API method would not permit more than two fields to be added to a custom field in the Sisense reporting settings; this has been corrected.
- Fixed an exception error that was thrown when executing a bulk party update via the API.
- Fixed the issue of reply emails not being added to Conversation Tracking if the system mail address was in the Cc line.
Posted Oct 01, 2020 - 13:42 PDT
This scheduled maintenance affected: Risk/Flow - APAC.