DC/OP - ALL - PROD - Polaris Release 2022.2
Scheduled for Aug 20, 08:00 - 12:00 PDT
There will be a downtime during the release that can occur any time after the maintenance start is announced via the status site. Do not perform any large data imports or changes during the maintenance window. Please communicate this information to all users.

The Polaris release highlights include:

Contact and Activity Capture
- Bulk syncing of Contacts from DealCloud/OnePlace to Exchange address books
- Capture of email and meeting activity from Exchange to DealCloud/OnePlace

Relationship Intelligence
- Exchange connection optimizations

Data Cortex
- Affiliations capture contacts linked to multiple companies/organizations
- Equilar – Contacts, Companies, and Affiliations
- Source Scrub – Industry Sub-Categories
- Source Scrub – Enable auto-linking on sources list
- Source Scrub – Add contact location data points to contacts list
- S&P – Adding phone fields to Companies and People Lists
- S&P – Enable bulk syncing
- Social media data points added to Contacts lists from Equilar, Preqin and SourceScrub

Dashboards & Reporting
- Send data from Excel spreadsheet to a field on an Object in DC/OP via the Excel Add-in
- Real Estate Spatial Units allow users to select a distance or area measurement
- Select multiple cards on a widget and update across lanes
- Ability to set image display order preference
- Pivot Grids: pivot on Yes/No Fields and add metadata columns

- Error notifications
- Send attachments as links via automation alerts
- Add multiple recipients to automation alerts
- Now supports choice fields

Data Entry
- Lookup, match, and sync to DataCortex providers at point of entry
- New Tag reference object type
- Filter fields without fields appearing “linked”
- Multiselect fields in conditions configuration
- Bulk import workflow updates

- Send to Views where contact is not primary object
- Add Contacts to CC, BCC
- Add recipients to previously sent campaigns
- Template Builder 2.0: spacer block

- Search object selection
- Show Recents and Favorites
- Clearer access to Entry Detail tabs to find relevant data quicker

Site Settings and User Management
- Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) without Global Admin privileges
- Reset Passwords for Users on dedicated databases

API & Integrations
- Backups: create, retrieve, delete backups via API
- User concurrency limit of 2 will be enforced
- User context can be passed to Advanced Data Windows

- If you have any questions, please contact support@intapp.com or support@dealcloud.com.
Posted Aug 05, 2022 - 09:40 PDT
This scheduled maintenance affects: US (US DealCloud - Environment 1, US DealCloud - Environment 3, US DealCloud - Environment 4, US OnePlace CRM), EU (EU DealCloud, EU OnePlace CRM), AP (AP DealCloud, AP OnePlace CRM), and AE (AE DealCloud).